Personalized Addiction Treatment

Personalized Addiction Treatment

CRAFT Therapy ProgramAlmost all families have a member that is struggling with some sort of addiction. It can be heartbreaking for families to see one of their members losing their battle with addiction, and professional addiction treatment may be the only solution. However, people may be reluctant to enter treatment or feel completely opposed to the idea altogether. If you have a loved one that is in the midst of a severe addiction, we can help you guide your loved one to get the addiction treatment that they need and deserve.

At Baltimore Detox Center, we recognize that people may not initially want to enter into an addiction treatment program. Our team recommends CRAFT therapy as a method to help your loved one enter treatment.

CRAFT Therapy Defined

CRAFT therapy is an acronym that stands for “community reinforcement and family training.” This therapeutic approach was developed by Drs. Robert J. Meyers and Jane Ellen Smith at the University of New Mexico. The purpose of CRAFT therapy is to help influence a family member to enter into an addiction treatment program. This type of therapy can also help the loved ones involved with the addicted person cope with the challenges of having a loved one with a substance use disorder

CRAFT is a culturally sensitive program that works with the client’s morals and beliefs to develop an appropriate treatment plan. The program emphasizes learning new skills to cope with old problems. Some of the components include how to stay safe, outlining the context in which substance abusing behavior occurs, teaching family members how to use positive reinforcers (rewards), and how to let the substance user suffer the natural consequences for their using behavior. Basically, CRAFT therapy uses two primary strategies to influence behavior, positive reinforcement, and positive communication skills.

Positive Reinforcement

Addiction, by its nature, causes people to continue to use drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences that result. Legal or financial issues that may potentially ruin someone’s life may not be enough for that person to seek addiction treatment. That’s why CRAFT therapy’s use of positive reinforcement is such a fundamental part of the process. Research has shown that positive reinforcement is effective in helping people change. Positive reinforcement essentially means rewarding behaviors that you want someone to repeat. For example, giving something rewarding when your loved one is not using substances. This helps increase your loved one’s associations between non-using behaviors and rewards.

Positive Communication Skills

The other significant aspect of CRAFT therapy helps people with an addiction improve their communication skills. Addiction may cause people to isolate themselves and neglect relationships with friends or family members. CRAFT therapy encourages positive communication skills so that these crucial relationships can be repaired. Once people are able to share their thoughts and feelings freely, healing can truly begin.

The Baltimore Detox Center team wants family to be an integral part of a person’s recovery. That’s the main reason we use CRAFT therapy to help people seek an addiction treatment program that may save their lives.

Help Your Loved One Seek Treatment with CRAFT Therapy 

It can be a helpless feeling to watch a loved one suffer from an addiction. You see them dealing with the negative consequences of addiction, but they refuse to get the help they so desperately need. The Baltimore Detox Center team can help. Our CRAFT therapy program may be the best approach to get your loved one to agree to addiction treatment. Learn more about CRAFT therapy today from our friendly team by calling 833.714.1575 or completing our secure online form.  Our addiction treatment programs can be the key that your loved one needs to regain control of their life, so don’t wait another day to talk to us.