Personalized Addiction Treatment

Personalized Addiction Treatment

Participants in Group Therapy ProgramWhen you enter into an addiction treatment program at Baltimore Detox Center, there are many therapeutic options available to you. However, we have found that one of the most effective therapy programs at Baltimore Detox Center is our group therapy program. By connecting with others in recovery, you’ll find perspective on your struggles as well as support for your journey to recovery.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy refers to a therapeutic approach in a substance abuse treatment program where a small group of clients meet with a therapist. Participants in a therapy group take turns talking about their struggles, feelings, experiences, and goals. Therapy groups may be tailored to a specific recovery topic, such as recognizing and avoiding triggers, or they may be general, such as how to handle difficult family situations or stress at work.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

There are many benefits of group therapy for someone in a substance abuse treatment program, including:

  • Establish a support system – The peers that you meet in a group therapy program become a valuable resource both during treatment and beyond. These are people that understand your situation and become personally invested in your success.
  • Improve social skills – Communication skills often erode when you are fighting an addiction. Group therapy gives you the opportunity to practice social skills, which will be an asset for you as you progress through treatment.
  • Learn from others – When you listen to the stories of your peers in treatment, you discover that you have a lot in common. You also hear stories from others that will help your recovery.
  • Know you are not alone – Addiction is an isolating disease. When you participate in group therapy, you discover that many people have fought addiction, and it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs or alcohol.
  • Help you move on – Group counseling can help people move forward because participants can encourage and support each other. This aspect will help you to move on from past events that may be weighing on you.

What Other Therapy Programs Are Available?

Group therapy is only one of the many therapy programs available to you at Baltimore Detox Center. Another key component of our substance abuse treatment program is individual therapy. There are many types of individual therapy at Baltimore Detox Center, including CBT and DBT.


CBT is an acronym for cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be extremely effective in an addiction treatment program. During a CBT session, you see how your thoughts and behaviors relate to the way you feel and how this might contribute to your addiction. The goal of CBT is to teach you how to manage your problematic thoughts and behaviors through various strategies so that you can reach your goals and leave treatment. Ultimately, CBT aims to prepare you to maintain your recovery, manage future problems, and attain future goals without needing to re-enter therapy.


Dialectical behavior therapy, also known as DBT, involves working with a therapist to learn how to regulate emotions, improve relationships, create healthy ways of dealing with everyday stress, and live in the moment. DBT is a foundational part of the substance abuse treatment program at Baltimore Detox Center.

Our Group Therapy Program Can Help End Your Addiction

The bonds that you form during group therapy sessions at Baltimore Detox Center become a valuable resource after you leave our doors. If you have questions about our group therapy program or addiction treatment program, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Contact us by calling 833.714.1575 or completing our confidential online form. Let our team become part of your team.