Personalized Addiction Treatment

Personalized Addiction Treatment

Recovering from opiate addiction should include guidance and support from a substance abuse treatment program. Such programs offer therapy and more to give clients a path to stopping drug use. Opiate rehab with detox, psychotherapy, and other treatment options can be the type of intervention required to break away from addiction. At Baltimore Detox Center, our opiate addiction treatment program gives people the chance to overcome dependence on opiates.

What Is Opiate Rehab?

opiate rehab

Opiate rehab helps people to overcome their addictions to natural drugs in the opioid family. For example, morphine, heroin, and codeine are opiates. These substances impact the brain, causing feelings of happiness and painlessness. Unfortunately, these positive feelings only last as long as the drug remains in the body and eventually wear off as the drug does.

Someone who regularly uses opiates develops a tolerance or dependence on the drugs over time. A tolerance means they need to take more of the drugs to get the same feelings. However, taking more drugs raises the chances of an overdose. Sadly, overdoses of opiates, even unintentional ones, can be fatal. Plus, tolerance may also happen alongside dependency. If someone stops using opiates, they will feel symptoms of withdrawal.

Opiate addiction recovery programs help people who have tolerance, dependency, or mental addiction to these drugs finally quit using them. Consequently, through rehab, a client can progress through detox and psychotherapy to develop physical and mental strength to cope with recovery and a drug-free life.

What Are the Signs That Someone Needs Help from an Opiate Rehab Program?

Addiction to opiates produces several signs. These physical and behavioral changes can impact the individual’s life and everyone they love. Possible signs that someone should consider rehab for opiate addiction include:

  • Side effects to the body and mind when stopping or reducing opiate use
  • Needing to take higher doses of the drugs
  • Getting into trouble with the law for using heroin or illegally taking prescriptions
  • Having money troubles from buying drugs
  • Experiencing relationship problems from drug use
  • Isolating from others

Opiate use creates legal problems because many drugs in this category are illegal. Therefore, getting treatment for addiction could prevent arrest and jail time in addition to restoring relationships.

What Happens During Opiate Rehab?

One form of treatment that those with opiate addiction often start with is detox. For instance, during medically supervised detox programs, clients break away from physical addiction. However, unlike those trying to quit at home, clients at detox centers receive supervision and medicines to make the process easier and shorter.

After detox, clients begin their treatment plan for quitting opiates. In fact, during an opiate addiction recovery program, each client will have their own therapies to attend unique to their needs. This individualized treatment gives clients the types of therapy to best help them recover the damage addiction caused in their lives. For example, a comprehensive family therapy program can help clients to reconnect with family members. Additionally, this type of therapy helps clients to relearn how to restore their place within their family dynamics.

Other types of therapy beneficial to those in a recovery program may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Moreover, with multiple forms of therapy, clients have several options to find ways to address their mental and emotional issues at the root of their opiate addictions.

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